Bagpipe Revolution CD by Jori Chisholm


Bagpipe Revolution is the CD by award-winning bagpiper Jori Chisholm. The album features contemporary and traditional tunes with innovative instrumental arrangements.  Nominated for Album of the Year by PipesDrums Magazine.

Jori plays the Great Highland Bagpipes and Scottish small pipes. He is joined by an all-star cast of supporting musicians.

Ed Littlefield, Jr. pedal steel guitar
Gerry O’Beirne guitars & ukulele
Orville Johnson guitar & dobro
Igor Abuladze guitar & bass
Andrew Boscardin guitar
Suzanne Taylor piano
Duncan Millar drums
Mike Cole drums

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Bagpipe Revolution is the CD by award-winning bagpiper Jori Chisholm. The album features contemporary and traditional tunes with innovative instrumental arrangements.  Nominated for Album of the Year by PipesDrums Magazine.

Jori plays the Great Highland Bagpipes and Scottish small pipes. He is joined by an all-star cast of supporting musicians.

Ed Littlefield, Jr. (pedal steel guitar) is a member of Marley’s Ghost and the proprietor of Sage Arts. Ed plays wide range of instruments: acoustic and electric guitars, dobro, pedal steel guitar, piano, fiddle, mandolin, bass and Highland bagpipes.

Gerry O’Beirne (guitars & ukulele) is a renowned singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist (6 and 12 string guitar, tiple, and ukulele, slide guitar among others).

Orville Johnson (guitar & dobro) is a legend in the blues, bluegrass, and American folk scene. Orville is known for his dobro and slide guitar virtuosity and has played on over 100 albums.

Igor Abuladze (guitar & bass) was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. He is a multi-instrumentalist and performs and teaches guitar and electric bass in Seattle.

Andrew Boscardin (guitar) has been playing guitar and writing music for over 20 years. He is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College in New York, where he studied composition and electronic music and performed in the school’s Improvisation and Guitar Ensemble, and of Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, where he majored in jazz guitar performance.

Suzanne Taylor (piano) is well-known pianist in the Seattle celtic music scene. Her influences include classical piano, jazz, Broadway, pop, rock, and country.

Duncan Millar (drums) is a drummer in the Five-Time World Champion Simon Fraser University Pipe Band and one of the world’s top pipe band drum soloists. Duncan has also played drums and percussion in rock bands in and around Los Angeles, Seattle, and Vancouver.

Mike Cole (drums) is a North American Pipe Band Bass Drum Champion. Mike is a professional educator and excels at many styles of percussion, including a wide range of hand drums from around the world.

Other credits:
Produced by Jori Chisholm
Executive Producer: Ed Littlefield, Jr.
Engineered by Daniel Protheroe & Matthew Gephart
Recorded and mixed at Sage Arts in Arlington, Washington
Mastered by Bob Katz at Digital Domain
Cover and design by Tyler Fry


Tartan Telegraph – May 2009 – Vol 3. Issue 7.

Jori Chisholm’s debut CD Bagpipe Revolution is a dynamic, new offering on the Sage Arts label. Defying easy categorization in real or virtual musical pigeon holes, this recording is representative of a variety of different styles in its use of vibrant arrangements and instrumentation not traditionally paired with the Scottish highland pipes and smallpipes. These pairings include pedal steel guitar, dobro, ukulele and an assortment of percussion instruments. One particular track combines two bagpipes in succession with a slide guitar and a deft key change that left this listener wondering what sort of sonic-slight-of-hand had just transpired! The result is a first class fusion of sounds and synthesis of rhythms. Bagpipe Revolution contains many pleasant musical surprises including an original composition appropriately titled “Evolution”, a Billy Joel song (believe it or not!) and a harmony-version of the piobaireachd Too Long in This Condition. As a result, Bagpipe Revolution truly lives up to its name as a completely original and thoroughly enjoyable recording.

By J. Beau Buffington

From The Irish American News:

“This is the best solo effort I have heard in quite a while.”

“There’s a bunch of really fine new tunes to wrap your ear around, recorded and mixed with skill. Jori himself was the producer and he certainly turned out a CD to be proud of.”

“For all you folks who appreciate good music and want to see the scope and range of the bagpipe expanded and developed, get a copy of Bagpipe Revolution and see for yourself what a great solo pipe recording sounds like.”

From — the world’s leading bagpipe magazine: 3.5 Stars

“It is obvious from this recording that Jori is not only a very talented piper but is also a very creative musician.”

“The Highland pipes are full and resonant and the mix of instruments work very well in creating an atmospheric sound.”

“Evolution, a jig-style piece of music composed by Chisholm…is a cleverly constructed piece of music.”

“Bagpipe Revolution is an enjoyable CD from a musician who has been willing to put together an album of contrasting styles, who has not been content to follow the usual format.”

A few words from some listeners…

Had a good listen to Bagpipe Revolution on the way home – fantastic stuff – I’m sure its going to go well for you. Found myself going back to the opening track – bloody great! Really enjoyed the variety of all the tracks.
Richard Hawke, 2007 Argyllshire Gathering Gold Medal Winner

Yesterday we took a Sunday drive out to the country to gather pumpkins. I don’t think any of us even noticed the spectacular Fall colors as we were completely mesmerized by Revolution which was playing at top volume on the cd player the entire way. LOVE it! Congratulations — superbly done.
A.S., Seattle, WA

I quite like Bagpipe Revolution. The CD has a wide variety of expression…Most impressive to me is the rendition of the piobaireachd “Too Long In This Condition”. On it’s own it’s a feat to lay down a perfect tune that’s over nine minutes long…the tuning stays sweet and the execution perfect throughout, resulting in a beautiful version of this tune.
Neil Hubbard, Seattle, WA (read the whole review on Neil’s blog)

Well, this CD was certainly worth the wait. I have listened to it lots and its not only great piping but very unique. I have played it for others (non-pipers mostly but people who have listened to a fair bit of piping) and they are also very impressed. There is so much of it that is outside the traditional Celtic idiom but with a great and broad musical appeal. And even the more traditional pieces have very interesting and non-traditional harmonic backgrounds and instrumental accompaniment.

But the track that really hit me was the Piobaireachd with the harmony part. I don’t know to what extent that’s been done before but I have never heard anything like that in the past and it was very beautiful and added great depth to the music. One would almost think that piob was written to be harmonized
S.G., Ontario, Canada

I’m really liking your CD… congrats on a really broad and entertaining approach.

I really, really really like Track 9, Evolution. How did you come UP with it?

Great work on the new album!! The pipes in A are really an interesting treat to listen to! It reminds me of the old pipe band albums my family had from the 60s and 70s only with a whole lot better playing this time around!

I think you have made a great first effort, Jori – I’ve listened to it twice and enjoyed all the tracks which is pretty amazing really. Damn but you can play bloody fast!

I really enjoy your new album. You have proven once again why you are undoubtedly one of the world s top pipers. Keep up the great recording as I and many others in the piping community look forward to future albums from you.