‘Foundation’ Pipe Chanter Reed — BagpipeLessons.com Exclusive

From: $25.00

A high-quality chanter reed is the foundation of a great bagpipe sound. 

Let’s face it, purchasing reeds can be frustrating.  After years of wasting money and time on inconsistent reeds, I set out to design the perfect reed.  The result is the Foundation reed.

• Available exclusively at BagpipeLessons.com.
• Based on 30 years of experience playing and teaching bagpipes.
• Highest quality cane.
• Designed to be efficient, bright, and easy to tune.
• Incredibly stable in all makes of pipe chanters.
• Humidity pre-stabilized, which makes them efficient and ready to play right out of the package.
• Perfect for both band and solo playing.

For best results, only use these reeds with a Tone Protector™ Chanter Cap and store the reeds in the Tone Protector™ Reed Case. Add a reed case to your order for $49.99.

Buy 4 reeds and save 15%.
Buy 10 reeds and save $50.
Buy 20 reeds and save $150.

To purchase reeds with different strengths, choose any option from the menu below and send us an email to specify your choices of reed strength.


Additional information

Weight 1 oz

1 reed, 4 reeds, 10 reeds, 20 reeds

Strength (in inches of water)

Very easy (20-25), Easy (25-30), Easy Plus (30-35), Medium (35-40), Hard (40+)

Add a Tone Protector™ Reed Case?

No thanks, just the reeds, Yes!

Choose your Tone Protector™ Reed Case color

Any color will do. Send what's available., Yes! Yellow please., Yes! Orange please., Yes! Blue please., Yes! Green please.