BagpipeLessons.Com World Online Piping & Drumming Championships Thank You


As the world's first online bagpipe competition in 2011, we never imagined that it would grow to be so popular and impactful during its ten year run. We are thrilled to have been able to use our experience as leaders in the piping, drumming, and pipe band world to provide an opportunity for individuals to compete online without the expense and complications of travel, especially during the event cancellations starting in 2020.

Like you, we are excited to see that in-person competitions and Highland games have returned around the world.

For 2024, we have decided not to host any online competitions. Instead, we will thoughtfully consider the structure of our past competitions to look for ways to continue to make a positive impact within the piping and drumming and pipe band world.

Read about the inspiration behind the world's first online bagpipe competition.

Check out the Complete Results from our previous competitions, including the list of winners, videos, and judge's comments.  Here's some more information about our past competitions:

Jori Chisholm
Founder of and the World Online Piping & Drumming Championships
Inventor of the Tone Protector

James Laughlin
Drumming Director for the World Online Piping & Drumming Championships
Founder of The Pipe Band Drummer’s Inner Circle