Replacement Tube for Bagpipe Gauge

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Replacement tube for Bagpipe Gauge. Includes rubber stopper, tube and threaded fitting to attach to the Bagpipe Gauge.

Two Options:
• Standard length — 45 inches (115 cm).  This is the perfect length to use when attaching your Bagpipe Gauge to the blowpipe stock.  This is included with the with the Bagpipe Gauge.
• Extra-Long *NEW* — 10 feet (300 cm).  This longer length tube allows you to place your Bagpipe Gauge on a music, table, or shelf.

To order the Bagpipe Gauge, please visit this page.  For other Bagpipe Gauge replacement accessories, please go here.

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Description Bagpipe Gauge

Do you want to know how to achieve a rich, harmonic, rock steady, precisely tuned world-class bagpipe sound? It all comes down to steady bag pressure — every top piper knows that great bagpipe tone begins with steady blowing.

The Bagpipe Gauge is easy to use, intuitive and portable. It’s valuable for both beginning pipers and advanced players.

Beginning pipers will learn to play with greater control. The added visual dimension of pressure will enhance and speed up your progress as you build stamina and skill.

Advanced players will take their steadiness to even higher levels, allowing for more precise tuning and overall tone improvement.

“I have used the Bagpipe Gauge on some of my pupils and find it is surely the quickest way to get steady tone.”

-New Zealand Piping Instructor

“The Bagpipe Gauge has been a life saver!! I was so frustrated when I just didn’t understand what my teacher was telling me about steady pressure. It became crystal clear when I started using the bagpipe gauge. It has dramatically improved my bag pressure and reduced issues with tuning. Honestly, it has made for more pleasurable playing (for both me and the listener, LOL). In addition, it has allowed me to better understand what to listen for in both my chanter and drones. I feel (and my teacher agrees) it has lead to better balance and “tone.” I won’t say I’m world class by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ve significantly improved and I “get” it now. That’s all I can ask for at my level.”  

-Piper from USA

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