Strikes: Lesson #3 of the Learn to Play the Pipes Video Series 


Lesson 3 is a clearly detailed step-by-step video lesson on how to play Strikes (also known as taps, hits, slurs, shakes, etc.).

— Learn the secret to perfect timing, clean execution and consistency — watch, listen, and play along with the video.

— Learn the function of strikes in bagpipe music.

— Learn the proper fingering of strikes played from every note on the scale.

— Discover how to read strikes in written bagpipe music.

— Learn how to play single strikes, strikes with an added grace note and strikes with two added grace notes.

— Learn when strikes are played with a single finger or with multiple fingers.

— Learn the two ways of playing the strike from D.

— See how grace note strikes and double grace note strikes are written in bagpipe tunes and also in expanded easy to read notation.

Includes a BONUS pdf with a full written description in both standard and expanded notation of all the demonstrations and exercises played in the video.

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