Ten Tune Discount Deal #3


A great discount pack of ten of the best piping tunes.

Here’s what you get with every Tune Lesson Download:

• A high-quality, studio-produced audio recording of your tune played by one of the world’s top pipers.
• A professionally typeset printed sheet music for your tune — perfectly matched to the audio recording.
• A detailed audio instructional lesson on the tune, including learning tips, practice strategies, suggestions for improvement and demonstrations played on the practice chanter.
• An additional sheet of BONUS written instructional materials related to your tune.

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Download ten tune lessons together for even greater savings.

• All America Set (Part 1)

• All America Set (Part 2)

• Colin’s Cattle

• Flowers of the Forest

• The Hawk

• Major John MacLennan

• Miss Delicia Chisholm

• Moonshine

• Old Wife of the Milldust

• and Swagger