Learn to Play the Pipes: BagpipeLessons.com Deluxe Starter Gift Pack

$295.00 From: $184.99

This Deluxe Starter Gift Pack includes everything you’ll need to get started learning the pipes right. This is the perfect gift for anyone who has shown interest in learning to play the pipes. These high quality lessons are designed to help you learn quickly and efficiently and at your own pace.

The Learn to Play the Pipes BagpipeLessons.com Deluxe Starter Gift Pack includes:

Practice Chanter — High quality black chanter made in Scotland by the famous R.G. Hardie & Company. Elegant finish with sleek, classy design and counter sunk holes for extra feel. Built to be easy to use and long lasting. (A value of $53-66)

• Two high quality R.G. Hardie practice chanter reeds. (A value of $18)

• Learn How to Play a Bagpipe Tune in 30 Days Online Course (A value of $99)

Bagpipe Revolution CD by Jori Chisholm — Nominated for Album of the Year by pipes|drums magazine (A value of $20)

BONUS Three-month membership to the BagpipeLessons.com Inner Circle Membership — The BagpipeLessons.com Inner Circle Membership includes access to the HUGE Lesson Library AND the exciting live and interactive online classes at the Inner Circle. Get access to a huge library of tunes, lessons, videos and seminars on every piping topic imaginable for pipers of all ability levels — high-quality lessons you won’t find anywhere else. (A value of $105)

This gift pack is packaged in a high quality gift box — perfect for wrapping and giving to a friend or loved one. We are happy to mail it directly to your recipient. When you place your order, there will be a spot for you to tell us any special instructions you might have.



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