Pipe Chanter Reed

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This reed is based on 30 years of experience playing and teaching bagpipes. The reeds are of the highest quality, efficient, easy to tune and incredibly stable in all makes of pipe chanters. The reeds are have been humidity stabilized, which makes them efficient and ready to play right out of the package. For best results, only use these reeds with a Tone Protector.  Perfect for both band and solo playing.

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To purchase reeds with different strengths, choose any option from the menu below and send us an email to specify your choices of reed strength.

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Weight 1 oz

1 reed, 4 reeds, 10 reeds, 20 reeds

Strength (in inches of water)

Very easy (20-25), Easy (25-30), Easy Plus (30-35), Medium (35-40), Hard (40+)