Tone Protector Ultimate Bundle (discontinued)

This bundle has been discontinued.

To purchase a Tone Protector and our other most popular products at $70 off, please click here to purchase the NEW Tone Protector Ultimate Bundle — includes the The Tone Protector™, Tone Protector™ Reed Case, Bagpipe Gauge, Piper’s Advantage™ Bagpipe Phone Mount, and the Piper’s Ultimate Reed Poker.


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Save 20% on our THREE most popular products.

1. The Tone Protector (regular price $70)
2. The Bagpipe Gauge (regular price $99)
3. The Piper’s Ultimate Reed Poker (regular price $30)

The Tone Protector instantly improves your bagpipe sound.

The Tone Protector is a complete reed storage and maintenance system that keeps your reed at constant humidity level to ensure consistent, optimal reed performance.

The Tone Protector is designed and test pipers to help you immediately improve your bagpipe sound by giving you: more consistent sound from day to day, more stable pitch, greater precision of tuning, longer lasting reeds, easier to tune, clearer sound, more efficient, easier to play.


•1 x Tone Protector: Digital Chanter Cap with Two-Way Humidity control
•2 x  Humidity Control Packs (Pre-Calibrated 84% & 75% R.H.)
•1 x How to Get A World-Class Bagpipe Sound Handbook
•1 x Personalized One-On-ONE Support to help you reach your Bagpipe Tone Goals


•Dual-layer reed protector with two-way humidity control
•Digital hygrometer and thermometer with large, easy-to-read LCD display
•Extra large knurled locking thumb screw
•Two-way humidity control technology adds or removes moisture as needed to maintain a precisely controlled, specifically-chosen humidity level

Designed, tested, and built by Jori Chisholm, founder of and creator of the Bagpipe Gauge and the Piper’s Ultimate Reed Poker.

Over the last three years, I’ve designed and tested the world’s first digital reed protector with two-way humidity control. Pipers from around the world have played it and the results have totally blown away all of my highest expectations.

-Jori Chisholm

The Tone Protector. Protect your sound.

US Patents Pending.  UK Patents GB2565208 and GB2565207.

The Bagpipe Gauge is a revolutionary tool that quickly teaches you how to blow your pipes strong and steady. Guaranteed.

Do you want to know how to achieve that rich, harmonic, rock steady, precisely-tuned, world-class bagpipe sound?

Steady bag pressure.

Every top piper knows that great bagpipe tone begins with steady blowing.
The Bagpipe Gauge is easy to use and intuitive. It gives you precise, instant, and continuous visual feedback.
The Bagpipe Gauge is completely portable and takes just seconds to attach.
The Bagpipe Gauge will completely change the way you think about blowing your pipes.
The Bagpipe Gauge is small & portable. It is easy to use & takes only seconds to attach.

“I have used the Bagpipe Gauge on some of my pupils and find it is surely the quickest way to get steady tone.”
-bagpipe teacher in New Zealand

The key to great bagpipe tone is steady bag pressure. The Bagpipe Gauge is an incredibly powerful tool to help pipers improve their steadiness. It gives you instant visual feedback, showing you the exact amount of pressure required to play your pipes and showing you exactly how steady you are keeping the pressure.
Simply plug the Bagpipe Gauge into one of your drones and attach the Bagpipe Gauge to your blowpipe. Strike up your pipes and watch the steadiness of your bag pressure. You’ll be amazed at your instant improvement.

For beginners, you will learn to play your pipes faster and with greater control. The added visual dimension of the Bagpipe Gauge will enhance and speed up your progress as you build stamina and skill, and as you learn to listen to the steadiness of your tone.

For advanced players, you will be able to take your steadiness to even greater levels which will allow to tune your instrument with greater precision.

The pressure display on the Bagpipe Gauge is more accurate, has faster response, and gives more precise feedback than any other device, such as electronic tuner or homemade water manometer
“The Bagpipe Gauge has been a life saver!! I was so frustrated when I just didn’t understand what my teacher was telling me about steady pressure. It became crystal clear when I started using the bagpipe gauge. It has dramatically improved my bag pressure and reduced issues with tuning.Honestly, it has made for more pleasurable playing (for both me and the listener, LOL). In addition, it has allowed me to better understand what to listen for in both my chanter and drones. I feel (and my teacher agrees) it has lead to better balance and “tone”. I won’t say I’m world class by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ve significantly improved and I “get” it now. That’s all I can ask for at my level.” -Piper from USA

The Piper’s Ultimate Reed Poker is a must-have if you want to have a world-class bagpipe sound. It will bring your reeds back to life and it will save you hundreds of dollars that you’d otherwise spend on new reeds

•One of the best-kept secrets of top pipers is the the specialized tool called a reed poker.
•Use the poker when your pipe chanter reed starts to get a little bit too easy, chirps, squeals, or starts to sound sharp and thin.
•As you play a new reed, it starts to break in, getting easier and more efficient. But the cane can get too soft — this is where the reed poker comes in.
•A small adjustment (we’re talking 1/1000ths of an inch) to the metal staplei nside the reed can bring a reed back to life, extend the playable life of the reed, and give you a brighter, crisper, stronger, more stable sound.
•The only way to open up a reed from the inside is with a reed poker.
•It has a smooth point which allows you to precisely control just how much you want to open the reed.
•Easy-to-use. Totally intuitive.
•Simply insert the poker a bit further to open up the reed a little bit more.
•Other blunt, square-shaped pokers can get stuck or can damage the reed by twisting.

Here’s what one piper wrote about the The Piper’s Ultimate Reed Poker:

Best. Reed. Poker. Yet… Out of about 20 reeds that were the “last to be picked”… it made four reeds I previously would have dismissed and turned them “very usable.” Two reeds that were “borderline”, were quickly turned into “quite good”. It’s already paid for itself.