Seventy Tune Super Discount Deal


A great discount pack of SEVENTY of the best piping tunes.

Here’s what you get with every Tune Lesson Download:

— A high-quality, studio-produced audio recording of your tune played by one of the world’s top pipers.
— A professionally typeset printed sheet music for your tune, perfectly matched to the audio recording.
— A detailed audio instructional lesson on the tune, including learning tips, practice strategies, suggestions for improvement and demonstrations played on the practice chanter.
— An additional sheet of BONUS written instructional materials related to your tune.


Download the complete set of all SEVENTY tune lessons for the biggest savings! Includes the following lessons:

The 79th’s Farewell to Gibraltar
Afternoon at the Green Monster
Amazing Grace
America Set – Part 1
America Set – Part 2
Auld Lang Syne
Banjo Breakdown
The Barren Rocks of Aden
The Battle of the Somme
The Black Bear
Bloody Fields of Flanders
Blue Bells of Scotland,
Bonnie Dundee
Brown Haired Maiden
Cabar Feidh
Captain Colin Campbell
Castle Dangerous
Colin’s Cattle
Crossing the Minch
Cutting Bracken
Danny Boy
Dark Island
The Dawning of the Day
Donald Willie and His Dog
Don’t Stop Rockin’
Dornie Ferry
Dovecote Park
Dream Valley of Glendaruel
Drops of Brandy
Flowers of the Forest
Flower of Scotland
Garry Owen
Glasgow City Police Pipers
Going Home
Green Hills of Tyrol
The Hawk
High Road to Gareloch
Highland Brigade at Magersfontein
Highland Cathedral
Highland Laddie
Jimmy Blue
Katrina’s Call
King George V’s Army
Mairi’s Wedding
Major John MacLennan
Meeting of the Waters
The Merry Wedding Hornpipe
The Minstrel Boy
Miss Delicia Chisholm
Mist Covered Mountains
Muir of Ord
My Own Fireside
Old Wife of the Milldust
Orange and Blue
Paddy’s Leather Breeches
Piper of Drummond
Prince Charles’ Welcome to Lochaber
The Roses of Prince Charlie
The Rowan Tree
St. Patrick’s Day
Sandy Duff
Scotland the Brave
Scots Wha Hae
Skye Boat Song
Tommy MacDonald of Barguillean
When the Battle’s O’er