Piobaireachd Master Class: Too Long in This Condition


70 minute master class on the classic Piobaireachd Too Long in This Condition. Includes course handouts and the complete audio recording from a seminar Jori taught in New York City.

The course covers many important topics including:

• Understanding Piobaireachd notation
• Examples of Piobaireachd variations
• Piobaireachd technique
• How to approach a new tune
• Troubleshooting tricky bits

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Here’s what you get with every Tune Lesson Download:

• A high-quality, studio-produced audio recording of your tune played by one of the world’s top pipers.
• A professionally-typeset printed sheet music for your tune — perfectly matched to the audio recording.
• A detailed audio instructional lesson on the tune, including learning tips, practice strategies, suggestions for improvement and demonstrations played on the practice chanter.
• An additional sheet of BONUS written instructional materials related to your tune.

Listen to Too Long in This Condition from Bagpipe Revolution (with harmonies)! If you like what you hear, you can get a copy of Jori’s full album here.