Introducing the InTune Mic -

Introducing the InTune Mic: Wireless Clip-on Instrument Microphone for Smartphones

by Jori Chisholm, Founder of
Last Updated: February 13, 2024

Discover the InTune Mic, the world’s first clip-on instrument microphone for smartphones, specifically designed for bagpipe tuning — but works for all instruments where precise tuning and mic placement are key. Say goodbye to tuning struggles and unlock the true potential of your smartphone and tuning apps.

Get your instrument in tune quickly, easily, and independently, even in noisy environments. The InTune™ Mic makes tuning easy, fast, and more precise — and you can do it on your own.

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Video Transcript: I’m excited to tell you today about my new product. It’s going to completely revolutionize the way you play and tune your pipes. One of the great joys of being a piper is the experience of playing when your pipes are perfectly in tune and easy to play. When the drones are locked together with a full, rich harmonic room-filling sound and every note of your chanter is precisely tuned for that clear, bright, crisp, and balanced sound, it is wonderful.

For generations, pipers have tuned their pipes by ear. It’s an important skill, but it takes years to learn and can be hard to do even when you’re experienced at it. Quite often, we need to tune our pipes in a place where there’s lots of noise around, like at the Highland Games where there’s no quiet place to listen to those subtle harmonics to get your pipes really locked in. Everybody struggles to get their pipes in tune from time to time. Maybe it’s the surrounding noise, maybe it’s your pipes, maybe you’re in a competition or performance situation where you just run out of time. Maybe you haven’t mastered the skill of being able to quickly get your bass drone locked in or you just have a hard time picking out whether your F is just a little bit sharp or a little bit flat. Everybody experiences this at some point, even the very best players. 

When electronic bagpipe tuners came on the scene, they changed the way pipe bands tune. Anywhere you see pipe ends tuning up, you’ll see people tuning drones with a tuner as the pipers play. Someone walks around the outside of the circle, holds the tuner above each drone, tunes a drone, and then moves on to the next drone and then the next piper. Over the past few years, more and more pipers and pipe bands have moved away from these standalone electronic tuners to smartphone tuner apps. 

The smartphone has totally transformed the way we learn, practice, and play music. There are some amazing tuner apps with incredible features that truly harness the incredible power of your smartphone. But even with these great tuner apps, there’s still a huge problem: tuners are designed to listen to one sound at a time. Your pipes make four sounds: three drones in the chanter.

The problem with traditional electronic tuners is that they can only listen to one sound at a time and it’s difficult to know which sound the tuner is supposed to be listening to. This is especially true for bagpipes, which have multiple drones and notes that can be sharp or flat. The traditional solution to this problem is to hold the tuner microphone up to the top of the drone, but this can be difficult and time-consuming, especially in noisy environments.

My new product, the InTune Mic, solves this problem by being a clip-on instrument microphone for smartphones. The InTune Mic is super compact and ultra light, with no wires and a universal instrument clip that attaches securely to your drones or chanter. It’s fully adjustable with 360 degrees of rotation and is plug and play, meaning there’s no setup required. It works with all devices and apps, reduces background noise and has an extra-long 60-foot transmission range with almost zero latency or delay for super-fast app response.

The InTune Mic will revolutionize the way you play and tune your instrument. It’s totally intuitive, easy to use and will give you full confidence knowing you can get your pipes perfectly in tune every time you play. It’s designed with bagpipes in mind but works for all musical instruments where precise tuning and mic placement are key.

Check out for more information and to purchase the InTune Mic.

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