InTune Mic: Wireless Clip-on Instrument Microphone for Smartphones |

The world’s first wireless clip-on instrument microphone for smartphones.

Achieve perfect tuning anywhere.

Plug and play.

It just works.
No set up required.

Works with your apps & devices

iOS, Android, macOS & Windows and all of your favorite apps

No wires means freedom

Long wireless transmission range (20m/60ft)

Universal instrument clip

Attaches securely with 360 degree adjustment

Ultra-light, super compact design

Unbelievably light at 0.7 ounces (22g)

Minimizes background noise

Makes it easy to tune in noisy environments

Get in tune. Easily and on your own.


Finally, a way to harness the power of your smartphone to tune your instrument quickly and easily. Achieve perfect tuning every time you play. With confidence and independence.  

We designed it for bagpipes, but the InTune Mic works for all musical instruments where precise tuning and mic placement are key.

Ultra-light and super compact.

Attaches securely to your instrument. Fully adjustable 360 degrees for your perfect microphone position. Unbelievably light at just 22g/0.7 ounces.

Ready. Quick. March.

Pipers don’t sit or stand still when we play. We move, we march, we wander. Keep your pipes in tune everywhere you go — inside, outside, at band practice, at the Highland Games.

Plug and play. It just works.


No set up required. Turn on the mic, plug the receiver into your device, launch your favorite tuning app, and go.

Compatible with all your devices and your favorite apps.

Choose your model:  Lightning connector for iPhone or USB-C for Android phones, computers, and most other devices. Works with tuner apps, audio recorders, camera, video chat, and any app that uses sound input.

No wires gives you freedom to move.

60 foot wireless connection with super low latency for instant app response with no delay.

Background noise reduction isolates your sound in noisy environments. Makes it easy and fast to tune each member of the pipe band — even while everyone is playing together.

Comes with everything you need.

Includes a high-quality, compact carrying case with carabiner clip to keep your InTune Mic and charging cable safe and secure and with you at all times.

InTune™ Mic

Wireless Clip-on Instrument Microphone for Smartphones
$ 59
InTune Mic
  • InTune Mic: Wireless Clip-on Instrument Microphone for Smartphones
  • Secrets of Drone Tuning Online Course — Updated for Use With Intune Mic (Regular Price: $40)
  • Bonus Handbook: Unleash the Power of Apps — a Guide to the Best Smartphone Apps Every Piper Should Have Handbook

InTune™ Mic + Phone Mount

InTune Mic + Piper's Advantage™ Bagpipe Phone Mount
$ 79
Add Phone Mount Bundle & Save 20%!
  • InTune Mic: Wireless Clip-on Instrument Microphone for Smartphones
  • Piper's Advantage™ Bagpipe Phone Mount (Regular Price: $39.99)
  • Secrets of Drone Tuning Online Course — Updated for Use With Intune Mic (Regular Price: $40)
  • Bonus Handbook: Unleash the Power of Apps — a Guide to the Best Smartphone Apps Every Piper Should Have Handbook

I’m Jori Chisholm, founder of and the World Online Piping & Drumming Championships and inventor of some of the world’s most popular piping products including the Tone Protector™, Bagpipe Gauge, Piper’s Ultimate Reed Poker, Piper’s Advantage™ Bagpipe Phone Mount, Perfect Angle™ Blowpipe Positioner, and the Piper’s Metronome™ app.

One of the great joys of being a piper is the experience of playing when your pipes are perfectly locked in tune. Like many pipers, I tune my pipes by ear and with my favorite tuner apps on my smartphone. I love these apps, but they are frustrating to use on your own since you need another person to hold your phone to the end of each drone. I’ve been searching for years for a practical and easy solution to tune my pipes quickly and easily using my smartphone — and do it independently.

So, I designed and created the InTune Mic. It’s the world’s first clip-on instrument microphone for smartphones. It will revolutionize the way you tune your pipes. You can tune your pipes, perfectly and quickly on your own.

I hope you’ll join me in using the InTune Mic and enjoy faster, easier, more accurate tuning every time you play, anywhere in the world.

Happy Piping!

The InTune Mic is plug and play.  Turn on the mic, plug the receiver into your device, launch your favorite app and go! To tune a drone, clip the InTune Mic to the drone just below the drone cords.  Adjust the position of the mic so it is within one inch of the opening at the top of the drone.  Repeat for all three drones. To tune your chanter, clip the InTune Mic near the bottom of the chanter -— avoiding the sound holes near the bottom sides.  Position the mic either to the front side or rear.  For tuning a piper in a band, position the mic behind the chanter, between the chanter and the player’s body.  This will give the microphone the clearest sound in a noisy environment with other musicians playing.

The #1 best bagpipe tuner app:

The best app for tuning bagpipes is the Braw Tuner (‘Braw’ is Scottish slang for great!).  Instead of playing and tuning one note at a time, the Braw Tuner listens to you as you play and displays the tuning of all nine notes of the bagpipe scale.  The display continuously adjusts as it listens to the sound of your pipes.  You can see the entire scale which lets you make adjustments to all of your notes.   You can calibrate the tuning pitch manually by selecting a specific pitch (e.g. A=480 Hz) or you can play and the tuner will listen and auto-calibrate to your low A.

Here’s the link to download the Braw Tuner

Another superb tuner app:

Another fantastic tuner app with many incredibly powerful features is Tonal Energy (TE) Tuner.  It’s one of the top rated tuner apps in the world. The advanced Analysis Mode has several display options in including a pitch line that scrolls across the display.  It’s excellent for tuning drones.  A flat green line means the drone is perfectly stable and in tune.  A moving wavy line means the drone pitch is unsteady.

Link for Tonal Energy (TE) Tuner. 

More of our favorite apps:

When you purchase your InTune Mic, we’ll send you our Bonus Handbook called UNLEASH THE POWER OF APPS — A GUIDE TO THE BEST APPS EVERY PIPER SHOULD HAVE.  In the handbook, we’ll share all our favorite apps, including:

• Tuner apps
• Metronome apps
• Self-recording apps
• Practice apps
• Sheet music reading apps
• and more . . . !


The smartphone is the most powerful tool for musicians ever created.  The InTune Mic makes is possible, for the first time, to harness the power of smartphone apps to tune your pipes.  Bagpipes produce four distinct sounds -— the chanter, the bass drone, and two tenor drones.  In order for your tuner to work, it must detect the each sound individually.  Without the InTune Mic, the only option is to place the microphone of your tuner or smartphone very close to the top of each drone, at a distance of no more than 1 inch.  This is to ensure that the tuner is detecting the pitch of just that drone.  But it’s impossible to do this on your own.  You need someone else to hold the tuner, read what that tuner is displaying and then move the drone.  With the InTune Mic, you simply clip the mic to the top of your drone, read your tuner which can be easily seen in front of you.  You can place your smartphone on a table, chair, or on the ground.  Best of all, is to attach it conveniently to your blowpipe with the Piper’s Advantage™ Bagpipe Phone Mount.

Tuning drones in a pipe band:

The InTune Mic makes tuning much faster and more efficient.  Players can each tune their own drones to a specified pitch using their own smartphone and InTune Mic.  Or someone can move around the circle with one device and one InTune Mic and get the drones locked in fast.

Tuning chanters in a pipe band:

The InTune Mic and Braw Tuner will revolutionize the way you tune chanters in the band. The old way of tuning a band requires the band to stop while each player is tuned individually.  With the InTune Mic and Braw Tuner, everyone can keep playing.  The InTune Mic attaches easily to the pipe chanter and the Braw Tuner listens as you play.  After the tune or set is completed, take a look at the tuner display and make any needed adjustments.  If every player has their own InTune Mic and device with the Braw Tuner, you could have the entire band tuned up in 5 or 10 minutes when previously it could take an hour.

InTune Mic is a microphone with wireless digital 2.4gHz transmission up to 60 feet/20m distance

Ultra low latency <0.01 seconds

Works with all apps that utilize audio input

Universal instrument clip attaches up to 1.10 inches/28mm -— easily attaches to bagpipe chanters and drones.

Power button on microphone turns on/off with long press.  Short press mutes the microphone.

Indicator lights on microphone and receiver indicates power on and connection to receiver.

Microphone battery life up to 6 hours.  Rechargeable by USB-C cable (included).

Receiver needs no charging, it receives power from smartphone.

InTune Mic comes in three options:

Model 1 for iPhones and iPads with Lightning cable port

Model 2 for Android phones, newer iPads, and all other devices with USB-C port

Dual Option: Includes one microphone and two receivers: USB-C and Lightening – best for using with different devices, simply use the appropriate adapter cable or dongle.


InTune Mic works for all instruments.  Any musician who wants to use their smartphone with a clip-on microphone will love the InTune Mic.

All bagpipes: Highland pipes, Uilleann pipes, small pipes, border pipes, shuttle pipes.

Tunable percussion:  Pipe band style bass and tenor drums.

Strings: violin, viola, cello, double bass, and harp

Woodwinds: saxophone, flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon

Brass: trumpet, french horn, trombone, and tuba

Guitars, banjos, and mandolins

…and more!

Let us know if you are using the InTune Mic for your instrument and we’ll add it to our list.

We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a note here and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks!

The InTune Mic makes tuning easier, faster, and more accurate.  Are you ready?

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